The Art of Travel

'THE ART OF TRAVEL, the ultimate luxury travel book' is een luxueus vormgegeven reisboek. De eindredactie is verzorgd door Life Communications.

Dit Engelstalige boek met prachtige foto's bundelt de meest extravagante resorts, treinreizen en cruises op onze wereldbol. Adembenemende bestemmingen worden afgewisseld met tongstrelende haute cuisine-recepten en interviews met internationaal vermaarde chef-koks als Alain Ducasse. De top van de mondiale gastronomie komt aan bod, waaronder ook een aantal Nederlandse bekenden uit de Lekker-gids zoals restaurant De Librije, Seinpost en Savelberg. Het boek telt 260 pagina's. Klik hier om een deel van het boek in te kijken.


Recommendation Ingrid van Diest by Nick Zirkzee, owner of, C.E.O.-Publisher and Media strategist founder of Publishing Ventures. 

"Then our Editor in Chief, or should I saw 'Editrice' in Chief Ingrid van Diest. As I come up with new ideas and enthusiastic prospects every 5 seconds, she has to 'cook' a wonderful product out of it. Believe me, that is asking a lot of skills, which Ingrid luckily has. As important as her editing skill is her sense of humor which makes working with her a joy and puts me back on my feet again most of the time.

Ingrid is a copywriter by profession and a good one; she plays with words like no other. She often needs only a few words from my chaotic mind to distill it into the exact words and lines, making it the concept I had in mind. She also has a double function to conduct and instruct our two other young apprentices’ writers and I must say she does that with verve. Without keeping out of sight the general line of writing of the total book, Ingrid works for profit and nonprofit organizations with a specialty in writing business plans and project proposals. She has her degree in East European studies, a journalistic oriented study at the University of Amsterdam. She has her heart at the right place and travels numerous times non paid to Kosovo and Africa to set up all kind of nonprofit relief projects, for which I have great admiration and respect. I am a lucky guy to work with people like Danny and Ingrid."